FLARE: The Game

Land in the middle of the Atlantic on a deserted Island, fight for your life while you are live on a game show. Decide to team up with others or betray them. You and 14 others have to find the relic to escape, will it be easy? No.


Time Cycle

One Island


60 minutes

You have a total of 60 minutes before the game show ends, you have to be quick—no time to waste while stranded there.

Chests & Crates

You will have to search for new objects, weapons and food to survive while on the island. A gun is your best friend, but also your biggest enemy.


You land with 14 other strangers; you can try to make the team with up to five of them or go solo. It is all up to you.

Developer Logs

Developer Log #1

Early Bird: Edition

$ 16 per copy
  • Become an early bird, support the development and get early bird perks.
  • FLARE: The Game
  • Early Bird Cosmetics

Steam: Edition

$ 20 per copy
  • A  upgrade from the fist, you get a golden title in-game.
  • FLARE: The Game


FeaturesSteam: Edition Early Bird: Edition
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Game Core





The Idea

The Only One

FLARE is one of the first games in 2020 with this kind of concept, we know many liked this way of a game, and we hope to make it even better. More advanced features and physics!
Credits to Oliver Tsujino for making the sketches

Our Timeline

15th of March in 2020

The Idea

We got the idea to make Flare Studios. and begin developing FLARE: The Game

20th of March in 2020

The Beginning

We begin setting up Flare Studios. the website, discord and social media kit to make sure for a ready release publicly. 

26th of March in 2020

Development Startline

Development has started, first day we were finished with the voice chat system. Progression is going fast.

14th of April in 2020

Stage #1

We are beginning to get some progress, features like picking up and the multiplayer base is working. New features such as pick locking have been integrated.

10th of May in 2020

We're soon finished with stage #2

Stage #2 comes to an close end, we have been working on the map mainly and fixing multiplayer bugs. A new UI for the main menu also has been worked on.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main idea for FLARE came from SOS: Classic which was a game in the same category as FLARE but that shutdown after a few months.

The original steam price will start at 20 USD

Release is hopefully at the end of 2020. Worst case in the start of 2021.

FLARE is a gameshow game based on 15 contestants being dropped of on a island in the middle of the Atlantic. Their goal is to find a relic which there is just four of and escape with it. You will need to try to team up or go solo, the choice is yours. But the worst part is that only three of these 15 contestants can actually escape with the helicopter off the island and win the gameshow. Good luck, contestants!

No, unfortunately. It will only be available on PC (Steam) under release.

First-person, maybe support for third-person after full release. Mostly this is a first-person based game.